Hair Removal

To Wax or to Thread? That is the question!


Ok ok so William Shakespeare didn't have the dilemma of how to get his brows done, but this is the situation us ladies (and men) find ourselves in every 2 to 4 weeks.

Is it better to wax? Does Threading last longer?  

The truth is that they both last just as long as each other, because both methods are pulling out the hair from the root, so it is just about trying them both and finding out which method suits your skin best.   

Here at The Beauty Studio, Sarah specializes in both waxing and threading. We offer a wide selection of hair removal from eye brows to Hollywood!




Body Waxing

Intimate Waxing


Only the best!

Here at the Beauty Studio Sarah uses a combination of both hot and strip wax for your intimate waxing, to make your wax and painless as possible!

Brazilian Wax - £20

Most hair is removed from the bikini area, leaving a thin strip or triangle at the top of the pubic bone, hair is also removed from the back of the buttocks. 

Hollywood Wax - £23

All hair is removed from the bikini area and from around the back (and inbetween) the buttocks area.